USB 5V 1.5A To 9V/12V 1.2A Voltage Converter Booster 5.5x2.1/2.5 Transformer

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USB 5V 1.5A To 9V/12V 1.2A Voltage Converter Booster 5.5x2.1/2.5 Transformer


USB 5V 1.5A To 9V/12V 1.2A Voltage Converter Booster 5.5x2.1/2.5 Transformer

Boost line Advantages:
1, Compact, use less space.
2, Stable core part of the boost circuit quality, reliable, small interference double panel design, high conversion efficiency, low microampere quiescent current standby losses.
3, Wire quality and reliable, with a fork retainer plugs, patch firmer.
4, Flexible application. Any use of 12V / 9V power adapter, 9W within small appliances, equipment, instruments, tools, etc., with this adapter cable + mobile power to portable use.

Input: USB 5V
Output: 9V/12V
Power: 15W
* Note 1:
9W output to full working condition (5V2.1A input), if the load required for a long period of work is recommended to reduce power or to enhance heat dissipation, no heat sealed state work proposals load 7W or less.
You can rest assured that with the load are:
Router, cat, switch, miniature camera / monitor camera (not open IR), tachograph (actual power is generally about 12V0.3A), car air purifier (generally less than 5W).
* Note 2:
DC5521, DC5.5 * 2.1 plug specifically refers to: a metal connector portion of the outer diameter of 5.5mm, inner aperture 2.1mm. Must confirm before buying good plug load specifications!
Currently known non-standard plug 5521 are:
Tenda router, totolink (specifications for the 5.5 * 2.5mm, an outer diameter as the inner diameter different, it is particularly easy to mistake, please pay special attention.)
Electronic dog (most of which are designed to DC3.5 plug)
* Note 3:
About 5V power supply, is currently experiencing a very few routes connect the charging treasure can not be used, upon confirmation charging treasure output ripple is too large (there are two cases are connected charging treasure is not energized, but replaced by USB-powered notebook router lights) .
Because only the original charge treasure charging, ripple less demanding, some charging treasure manufacturers to reduce costs did not design the filter circuit, output ripple seriously overweight, which can interfere with or damage subsequent electrical circuit (why some say the charge Bao hurt the phone, is the ripple issue).
If friends are experiencing this situation, that is not going to charge treasure, avoid line boost circuit is damaged ripple.
Package Included:
1 x USB 5V 1.5A To 9V/12V 1.2A Voltage Converter Booster 

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