StarkTex HW-110 Hot Wire Foam Cutter w/UK Plug

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StarkTex HW-110 Hot Wire Foam Cutter w/UK Plug

The StarkTex Hot Wire Foam Cutter is the most versatile tool for freehand sculpting foam. Whether you're carving, scroll cutting, slicing, dicing or plunging foam, designing new model planes, modifying and repairing crashed/damaged airframes or letting your creative juices run wild, the possibilities are nearly endless. This foam cutter comes complete with a hot wire tip, cutting tip, engraver tip, power supply, and a  safety stand.

Quick 10-second heat up time, 3 interchangeable cutting tools and a wire cutting width of 170mm, the days of cutting with a blade and drilling foam and the clean up they cause are over when you have a hot wire foam cutter.

• Hot Wire cutter with 3 tips
• Power supply with UK plug
• on/off switch
• Ergonomic handle
• Safety stand
• 10-second heat up time
• Versatile tool

Input voltage: 100~240v
Output: 5v

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