10 LED Desk Type/Handheld Magnifier

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10 LED Desk Type/Handheld Magnifier

A really useful tool for any workshop or just to have around the house, perfect for looking at intricate detail, reading small print and working on small parts. The 10 annularly arranged high brightness LEDs provide a soft bright light that alleviates eye fatigue and also removes any shadows.

The magnifier can be handheld or there is a stand that folds out so that you can also use it hands free. The magnifier requires 2 x AA alkaline batteries to power it which will give you 8hrs continuous use but there is also a plug in function for an external power source, this requires a power adapter with an output of 4.8V @ 500mA.

The main lens is a double magnification 120mm resin lens and there is also a small auxillary lens which has 5 times magnification and a diameter of 28mm.

A simple, easy to use device which will fold flat to keep in a drawer so that it is handy at anytime for when needed, a must for everyone.

Main Lens: 2 x Magnification
Auxillary Lens: 5 x Magnification
Power: 2 x AA Alkaline batteries (or 4.8V 500mA power adapter)

See manual under "Files" tab.

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