CONNEX ProSight Delay-Free HD FPV Transmitter

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CONNEX ProSight Delay-Free HD FPV Transmitter

The CONNEX ProSight system is the missing link needed to usher in a new era in FPV racing. In the past we have been plagued with poor image quality and connectivity issues when competing in races, the sport needed a breakthrough to take it to the next level.

The CONNEX ProSight is just that, it is what we have been waiting for. It will transform FPV drones into a completely new kind of immersive experience for both experts and beginners. It is a true game changer, it delivers unparalleled vision performance with delay free wireless transmission. Its superior image quality with delay free wireless transmission, smooth configuration and improved multi flying experience provides the user with an unmatched usability.

The CONNEX ProSight transmitter supports delay free uncompressed all-digital HD transmission. It is optimized for multi pilot FPV racing providing a fully immersive flight experience.  There are 3 levels of RF power which are selectable to suit your region and there are also 62 different frequencies available between 5150MHz and 5925MHz, see the instruction manual under the "Files" tab for full listings.

Regional Frequency Specifications:
US and Canada: FCC & HAM
EU: Indoor & SRD
Australia: Indoor & Outdoor
Japan: ATV
Korea: Outdoor
China: Indoor

Notes for specific regional settings:
• SRD regulation: Max transmit power 25mW
• HAM regulation: Max transmit power 200mW
• Other regional settings: Max transmit power 200mW

• Optimized for multi-pilot FPV racing
• Line of sight range of 1000ft to 3000ft depending on terrain
• 62 frequencies from 5150~5925MHz (can be selected manually or automatically)
• Adjustable output power for different regions
• Delay-free uncompressed all-digital HD transmission
• Up to 26mS video latency from camera lens to HD receiver HDMI output
• Digitally paired transmitter to receiver for excellent connectivity and interference-free reception
• Lightweight (only 32g)
• Supports mobile App using bluetooth

Input Voltage: 8~17V (supports 2~4S)
Frequency Band: 5150~5925MHz (62 frequencies)
Power Connection: 4 pins
Power Consumption: 4.1W
Antenna Connection: 2 x external MMCX connectors
Video Interface: MIPI
Software Upgrade: Micro USB
Product Configuration: Mobile App using bluetooth
Dimensions: 65 x 36.5 x 7.2mm
Weight: 32g

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Note: All ProSight systems are certified to comply with regional regulations.

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