Sigma 2 Meter Electric Sailplane ALES (ARF)

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Sigma 2 Meter Electric Sailplane ALES (ARF)

The Sigma is 2meter lightweight electric thermal soarer designed to be competitive in small outrunner electric glider classes. Full-house controls (rudder, elevator, ailerons and motor) allow for precise control and the Mark Drela designed AG series airfoil sections give the Sigma a class-leading performance.

By incorporating many of the innovations developed for discus launched gliders (DLG) the Sigma is capable of outstanding performance and is perfect for searching out and making the most of small pockets of lift as well as those booming thermals. The model is very suitable for the popular 200W/kg and ALES class of soaring as well as the internationally accredited F5J class.

As with any sailplane, the heart of the model is the wing and this is taken straight from the DLG school of thought to give an immensely strong wing with maximum efficiency and minimal drag. Extruded foam cores are fitted with carbon fiber top and bottom spars, carbon leading and trailing edges before being vacuum bagged into Kevlar/Carbon cloth skins laid on a 45° bias for maximum torsional rigidity.

For lightness and rigidity, the tail surfaces of the Sigma are made from a Rohacell foam core laminated between glass cloth skins. Both the upright and horizontal surfaces incorporate carbon fiber spars for strength and feature kevlar tape hinges for a fully sealed surface.

The Kevlar aramid cloth fuselage pod is reinforced with longitudinal carbon spars and has a carbon molded canopy for easy access.

Building the model is quick and straightforward thanks to the comprehensive manual and will result in a sailplane to compete with the best!

• Lightweight construction
• Fully composite construction
• Vacuum bagged wings
• Drela airfoils
• Quick to build
• Mark Drela designed AG series airfoil sections

Wingspan: 2000mm
Length: 1130mm
Wing area: 30.5dm sq
Wing section: AG 35-36-37
Flying weight: 600~620g
Wing loading: 19.7g/dm sq
Suggested motor: 2212 1000kv

4 x 9g Metal Servos (Aileron cut-out L24xW11xH33) (Rud-Ele W24xL12) 
2212 1000kv outrunner motor
34mm spinner
Folding prop (size to match chosen motor - 9~12")
800~1200 2/3s LiPoly battery

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