AERONAUT Ramborator Springer Tug 0,45m

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AERONAUT Ramborator Springer Tug 0,45m

Springer Tugs operate as push boats on American rivers, where they are employed for transport tasks and manoeuvring other vessels. They are of very simple design, and can be produced quickly. These vessels can also be built as very simple models, with the result that Springer Tug matches developed in England and America with these models. The rules are simple, and only define the actual hull, power system and rudder, with the aim of ensuring close competition. A few years ago the same wave made its way over to Germany.
These boats are a good choice for tests of skill, but they are also used to play team games of “waterball”. The models are always fitted out with simple equipment, and our version satisfies these requirements. The boat can be ready for the water after just a few hours of building.

The kit includes a fittings set which helps to produce a semi-scale model of attractive appearance.

The kit contains:

All plywood parts required to build the model, tabbed for accurate glued joints. The kit also includes strip material, propeller shaft and rudder, and a fittings set. The full-colour instructions include many stage drawings.
Specification: Length: 455 mm Beam: 200 mm Weight: 1500 g Box contents: Accessories built-in/included: Included Needed to complete: Radio: Min 2 CH Motor: Race 600 ESC: Brushed Servos: DYMOND DS 1600 Batteries: max. 7,2 V Charger: DYMOND B6 EVO V2

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