TEAM ORION Vortex VST2X Pro 540 Stock 21.5T (2P)

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The stock classes are some of the most popular racing classes worldwide. Most races use the rules established by the ROAR US R/C car and truck association, but there is also a number of races which do not adopt these strict motor rules, this is where the VST2X Stock motors come into play. This new sensor brushless stock motor is built using the World Championship winning VST2 technology but its extreme design increases its power output even further. The result is an extremely powerful 540 size brushless stock motor with outstanding performance. In the very competitive stock class where the motor turns are limited, this motor will give you and edge over your competitors.
    Special motor for stock classes not sanctioned by ROAR
    Extreme tuning by Oscar Jansen
    Based on the World Championship winning VST2 motor design
    Dual Sensor Wire Port
    New sensor design improves performance and efficiency
    Alloy case with improved ventilation system
    Low resistance solder tabs
    High quality stator materials
    Precision balanced rotor

Technical Specifications

    Current: 0.4A
    Efficiency: 90%
    Max. Current: 32A
    Power: 260W
    RPM@7.4V: 17390
    RPM-V: 2350kV
    Voltage: 1-3S/12V
    Length: 52.8m
    Width: 35.8mm
    Height: 35.8mm
    Weight: 185g

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