TEAM ORION ESC Vortex R10 Sport Brushless 60A (2S - 3S / Deans)

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The Team Orion Vortex R10 Sport is designed for sensorless brushless motors and LiPo / NiMH drive battery. The electronics is controlled by a microprocessor. The software has numerous parameters that can be individually programmed. Thus, for the controller for nearly all applications in the car area, and offer maximum efficiency at a proper interpretation of the powertrain.
    Designed for brushless motors without sensor
    Three modes of operation for all current RC Cars
    Clean start-up and control behavior
    Switched-Mode BEC
    The firmware can be updated via the USB port
    Simple programming through buttons
    Water and dust resistant
Programmable parameters
    Operating mode (forward only, forward-backward)
    Brake mode (Step 8 Drag Brake, Brake Initial Step 4)
    Start-up behavior (Step 4 from soft to hard)
    Protective functions (undervoltage, overheating, loss of transmitter signal blocking of the motor)

Technical Specifications

    Amps: 60A
    Peak amps: 290A
    Input Voltage: 7.4 - 11.1 V / 2-3S LiPo
    BEC: 6V, 3A
    Length: 31.5mm
    Width: 27.5mm
    Height: 33mm
    Weight: 74g

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