TEAM ORION ESC Vortex R8 Pro X Brushless 220A (2S - 6S)

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The R8 Pro X is our new no limit ESC. It is designed for those who need an extremely powerful ESC which can handle fast motors and up to 6S Lipo batteries. The previous design has been improved with a new aluminum case, a new cooling fan design and a new and improved software that enables further customization of the ESCs performance. This is the perfect choice for those who drive big trucks or cars that are powered by big motors and big batteries. The improved cooling and PCB design allow the ESC to handle the power and the advanced software allows you to fine tune the performance so that you remain in control in any situation. The ESC BEC system can supply up to 7.2V to your steering servo, this way you are sure to have all the power required for the servo to steer even the biggest wheels around the course.
    Designed for extreme 1/8 scale use
    Works with up to 6S LiPo
    Based on the 1/8 Scale Buggy & Truggy US National Champion ESC
    Adjustable BEC voltage 6V or 7.2V for improved servo response
    Machined aluminum case and carbon look cover
    Exclusive cooling fan protection and design for improved cooling
    Ultra low resistance PCB and FET
    Highly customizable state of the art software
    Works with sensor and sensorless motors
    Forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse and forward/reverse(Crawler) function modes
    Status control by LED and audio tone
    Equipped with Deans high current connectors

Technical Specifications

    Resistance: 0.00026ohm
    Amps: 220A
    Peak amps: 1050A
    Input Voltage: 7.4V-22.2V / 2S-6S LiPo
    Function: Forward/Brake - Forward/Brake/Reverse - Forward/Reverse (for Rock Crawler)
    Sensor and sensorless 2-pole/4-pole, 6-pole sensorless only
    BEC: 6V or 7.2V, 5A max.
    Max. kV: 3000kV (2S), 3000kV (3S), 3000kV (4S), 3000kV (5S), 3000kV (6S)
    Length: 58mm
    Width: 45.5mm
    Height: 36mm
    Weight: 188.5g

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