TLR 8IGHT-E 4.0 4WD E-Buggy 1:8 Race KIT

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TLR 8IGHT-E 4.0 4WD E-Buggy 1:8 Race KIT

The 8IGHT-E 3.0 buggy introduced a completely redesigned chassis specifically engineered for electric power. The 8IGHT-E 4.0 buggy builds on this proven platform with updates to the suspension geometry and drivetrain layout that make it easier to drive and even tougher to beat.

Revised Suspension Geometry
New suspension geometry makes it easier for drivers of all experience levels to turn faster lap times with fewer mistakes, particularly when harnessing the power of a high-output brushless motor system.

Variable Motor and Center Differential Angles
Two different center plates for the bottom of the chassis are included. The stock center plate puts the motor and differential directly in line with the chassis. The optional center plate rotates the motor and differential 4.4 degrees, creating equal angles between the front-center and rear-center dog bones. This provides more balanced power to the front and rear of the car under acceleration.

Two Battery and ESC Locations
The chassis offers two locations for the battery and ESC. With the battery in the forward location and the ESC in the rear of the car, the vehicle has more forward weight bias which improves stability on high-speed tracks. Moving the ESC forward and the battery to the rear mounting location provides a rear weight bias that increases corner speed and makes handling more agile.

Large Bearing Spindles and Hubs
Front spindles and rear hubs have been revised to accept a larger 8 x 16 x 5 outer bearing for increased durability.

Adjustable Caster Blocks
The adjustable, 15-degree caster blocks make it possible to tune dog bone plunge by changing the height of the spindle.

New Bleeder Shock Caps and Seals
The new bleeder shock caps and internal seals allow for easier rebuilds while using an emulsion shock setup. New bushings that press into the shock cap further improve durability.

Driveshaft and Dog Bone Boots
Molded rubber boots on the CVAs and center drivetrain dog bones increase U- joint life by holding lubrication in and keeping dirt out.

Redesigned Shock Towers
The machined aluminum shock towers have new camber link and shock location holes that give racers more tuning options for changing track conditions.

Cab-Forward Body
The cab-forward body moves aerodynamic pressure further forward on the car, which improves steering.


    Durable 4mm hard-anodized 7075 T-6 aluminum chassis
    Improved suspension geometry
    Variable motor and center differential angles
    Dual battery and ESC locations
    Large-bearing spindles and hubs
    15° caster blocks with adjustable spindle height
    Aluminum shock caps with threaded bleeder holes
    Molded driveshaft and dog bone boots
    Aluminum shock towers with updated camber link and shock location holes
    Cab-forward body

Needed To Complete

    Radio System
    ESC & Motor
    Battery & Charger
Specification: Type: RC Buggy KIT Scale: 1:8 Length: 497 mm Width: 308 mm Height: 180 mm Wheelbase: 323 - 327 mm Ground clearance: 60 mm Drivetrain: 4WD Chassis: 4mm Plate (7075-T6 Aluminum) Body: 8ight-E 4,0 Cab Forward (Clear) Tire type: Dish Wheel Wheel size: 83,5 mm Suspension: Aluminium Oil Filled Needed to complete: Radio: min. 2-Channel Receiver: min. 2-Channel Motor: Vortex VST 2 Pro 690 4P (1900KV - 2100KV) Pinion: 14T - 15T ESC: Vortex 180 A Servos: Spektrum S6260 High Speed Batteries: LiPo 6000mAh 4S (14,8V) Charger: Team Orion Advantage ONE Duo

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