TLR 8IGHT-T-E 3.0 4WD E-Truggy 1:8 Race KIT

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TLR 8IGHT-T-E 3.0 4WD E-Truggy 1:8 Race KIT

When developing the 8IGHT-T E 3.0, the Team set out to create an electric platform that was every bit as dominant as its nitro-powered sibling. But instead of simply converting the nitro chassis, they reexamined everything and came up with a new chassis layout and suspension setup specifically for electric power.

Aluminum Chassis Designed for Electric Power
Rather than adapt the existing 8IGHT-T™ 3.0 nitro chassis, the Team engineered an all-new chassis that has been widened and balanced specifically for electric power. It is milled from lightweight, 4mm 7075-T6 aluminum and has been hard anodized for maximum durability.

Special Updates and Tuning Options
The chassis gives racers multiple ESC and battery mounting locations. This makes it possible to easily relocate components when tuning the vehicle’s balance for varying track conditions. Specific suspension components such as springs, shock pistons and sway bars have also been updated to better complement electric power systems.

Large-Bore 16mm Shocks and Tapered Springs
The large volume shocks are easier to tune and remain more consistent during temperature change. They feature tapered springs that provide greater clearance while reducing the chance of spring cup ejection during extreme impacts. Machined pistons are included for greater precision and increased performance.

CNC Shock Towers
The front and rear shock towers are machined from 4mm 7075-T6 aluminum and hard anodized for maximum durability.

Adjustable Pivots
The kit includes hard anodized adjustable front pivots and low roll center rear pivots with adjustable bushings.

Optional Parts Included
Many of the parts included with this kit are popular upgrades that will give you everything you need to build a Team spec truggy right out of the box. This includes lightweight outdrives, adjustable hinge pin braces, an aluminum servo saver top, aluminum rear bearing inserts and more.

Electric Version Body and Adjustable Rear Wing
The body shares many of the same lines with the nitro version body but extends the rear stabilization fin so that it meets the rear of the cab. The adjustable rear wing includes a .250 and .500 inch spacer that lets you move the wing back for extra stability on high-speed tracks.


    Hard anodized, 4mm 7075-T6 aluminum chassis and shock towers
    All-new chassis layout milled and balanced for electric power
    Multiple ESC and battery mounting locations
    Long-bore 16mm shocks and tapered springs
    Suspension components optimized for electric power
    Adjustable front and rear pivots
    Lightweight outdrives
    Adjustable hinge pin braces
    Aluminum servo saver top
    Aluminum rear bearing inserts
    Electric version body
    Adjustable rear wing
Specification: Type: Electric Truggy Scale: 1:8 Length: 476 mm Width: 416 mm Height: 186 mm Wheelbase: 379 - 383 mm Ground clearance: 40 mm Weight: 4500 g Drivetrain: 4WD Chassis: 4mm 7075-T6 Aluminium Needed to complete: Radio: min. 2-Channel Receiver: min. 2-Channel Motor: Brushless 690 ESC: 180 A Servos: S6280 HV Digital Batteries: LiPo 6000mAh 4S

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