DYMOND Easy Switch 12A

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This Electronic Power Switch features multiple functions like battery capacity indication, low-voltage indication, over-current protection, short-circuit protection and thermal protection; it can control the ON/OFF of current flow to the receiver, and it is operated by only one button, this helped to solve problems like bad contact caused by vibration or oxidation of contacts conventional mechanical switches have.

The waterproof design makes it applicable for all weather conditions.

Low-voltage Indication
When the battery voltage goes below the following threshold value for about 2 seconds, the POWER LED will blink RED slowly.

Thermal/Overheat Protection
When the internal temperature of the electric switch goes above 100? (212 ?) for about 2 seconds, the electronic power switch will enter the thermal protection mode.

Over-current/Short-circuit Protection
Trigger condition of the over-current protection: The current is between 20~39Amp and that lasts for about 500ms;
Trigger condition of the short-circuit protection: The current is over 40Amp and that lasts for about 500us.

Battery Polarity Reversal Protection
Note: It only works when no load is connected to the switch.


    Battery Type:  LiPo / LiFe / NiMH
    Input Voltage:  2S LiPo / 2S LiFe / 5S NiMH
    Max. Current:  12A
    Size:  26.5x 19.7x 10.5mm
    Weight:  7.5g

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