Hovership EXOPRO GOPRO Camera Bumper (Orange)

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Hovership EXOPRO GOPRO Camera Bumper (Orange)
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Bonus: 14

We all know the GoPro Hero as the take-it-anywhere workhorse of an action camera. Boldly going where no action cam has gone before; but how about giving your investment a little more protection from the dust and grime of everyday use?

This protective, soft molded TPU housing might be just the thing to save your little Hero from an early demise!

Designed to shield your Hero 3 or 4 from knocks, dust, dirt and splashes this case still allows you full access to all of the camera functions and is available in a range of colors from a discrete black to fluorescent orange and green to stand out anywhere.

Grab a little peace of mind when you next send your favorite action camera into the thick of it!

Can be used with similar sized cameras.

• Purpose made to fit the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 Action Camera
• Tough, flexible, molded TPU design
• Access to all camera functions
• Slip-over design
• Lens shield

Material: Molded TPU
Color: Orange
Weight: 13g

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