Turnigy Micro-6 Lipoly Battery Charger

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Turnigy Micro-6  Lipoly Battery Charger

Charging your fleet of micro batteries just got easier with the Turnigy Micro-6. 

The Micro-6 is setup to specifically charge micro batteries with 6 independent ports and a 3 digit LED voltage display.

Charging micro batteries can be difficult on some larger chargers because they're setup for higher capacity packs and may not charge your micro battery fully resulting in shorter run times.

With this handy little charger you simply plug it into a PC or USB wall plug. It can run off a DC power supply if you are able to restrict the power output to 6V.

• 6 independent ports can be used at the same time
• Each port can be used as battery voltage checker
• 3-digital LED displays battery voltage

USB Input: 5V/2.1A
DC Input: 6V
DC Input Current: 2A or above
Port 1~4 charge current: 350mA
Port 5~6 charge current: 500mA
Battery: 1S (3.7V) LiPo
Battery Connector: Micro
Temperature range: 0~50c
Weigh: 54g
Size: 76mm x 63mm x 22.8mm

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