LCD 20A 12V/24V Auto Switch LCD Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller

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LCD 20A 12V/24V Auto Switch LCD Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller

LCD 20A 12V/24V Auto Switch LCD Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller
1. Adopt microcomputer process to control and realize the SOC control of intelligent optimization
2. USB 5V output can charge and offer power supply for mobile phone and equipment of needing 5V power supply
3. With a protection for over-charging,over-discharging, lightening protection,backflow prevention, over-heating, etc, all these can guarantee the reliability of the system and safe use
4. Lighter-operated delay four: Adopts PWM charging main circuit in tandem type to improve the charging efficiency effectively and increase the power utilization time, the reminding batter charging of over releasing recover, normal direct charging and automatic control way of floating charge prompts the system with longer service life, the system possess function of storage battery's back-flow preventer to reduce the charging consumption effectively
5. With manual operation function to control the output, al long as the battery is not under a light control or under voltage status, only fast double click the button, it can turn on or turn off the output manually
6. The use of the LCD screen display directly, with power indication and light control time, battery voltage indication
7. One-button operation to finish all settings
8. Autoamtic identification of 12V and 24V accumulator. Don't need manual switching with more simple operation
9. The display of electric quantity and light-operated timing function helps for more straight and visual electric quantity of battery, the light-operated timing function is more practical
10. Quality security, adopt the SMT paster manufacturing technique, the PCB of high quality and chip of technical grade can operate stably under high temperature, high cold and moist etc the circumstances
11. Exquisite appearance design is beautiful, elegant and more high-end, which makes your life more tasteful
12. It is mandatory 24V battery charging control. Regarding those 24V batteries which have been not use for long time, its battery becomes too low with the control indicator showing only 12V, the press the button for more than 20 seconds, the system will mandatorily run the program of 24V battery charging & discharging, and the monitor shows a prompt of "24" till the battery voltage becomes normal and the minitor will display normally
Size: Approx. 12.4x6.8x3.3cm/ 4.88x2.68x1.30"
Product Name: Smart solar control
Model: XGX-L
Power Saving Mode: No
Power Display: Yes
Light Control + Delay Time: Yes
Current Rating: 20A
System Voltage: 12V/ 24V automatic identification
System Output: 12V/ 24V; USB 5V
Overloading Voltage Protection: 15V/ 12V; 15V*2/ 24V
Over Release Voltage: 10.8V/ 12V; 10.8V*2/ 24V
Over Release Voltage Returns: 12.2V/ 12V; 12.2V*2/ 24V
Control Mode: PWM pulse width modulation recharge mode

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1 x 20A 12V 24V Auto Switch Solar Charge Controller
1 x User Manual
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