11.1V 3A PWM Charge Solar Panel Li-ion Battery Charger Controller MCU Regulator

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11.1V 3A PWM Charge Solar Panel Li-ion Battery Charger Controller MCU Regulator

Features :

The use of micro-processing chip and high-end MCU, intelligent control. PIC microcontroller, the strongest anti-interference.
Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, electronic short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse battery protection, reverse polarity protection and other solar panels.
Having a discharge rate correction control, battery management science.
Parameter Settings with power-down save function, the charging circuit dual MOSFET tandem control loop, so that adjustment is more convenient, more stable system, a substantial increase in the charging efficiency, greatly increase the power of time.
Intuitive LED indicates the current state of the battery, three operating modes selectable: normally open mode, pure light control mode and the light control plus timer mode.

Wiring sequence :
The controller first, then the battery, followed by solar panels, and finally take the load. Note that the positive and negative, do not reverse.
If the connection is correct, the LED will light.
Before installed, system need to be checked carefully. Identify problems, timely maintenance and repair.

Warnings for usage :
Battery saved enough energy to keep the battery will not short-circuit, in any case, we strongly recommend connecting the battery fuse.
Avoid short-circuiting wires and terminals.

Specification :

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 6.5x5x2cm/2.55"x1.96"x0.78"
Working Voltage: 11.1V
Rated Charge Current: 3A
Rated Load Current: 3A
Maximum access: 36W
Input voltage: ≤30V
Protection class: IP30
Weight: 41g

Package includeds :

1 x 11.1V 3A Solar Controller
Details pictures :

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