500W 110V Insulated PTC Air Heating Element Electric Heater Fever Tablets

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500W 110V Insulated PTC Air Heating Element Electric Heater Fever Tablets

Rated voltage: 110V
Rated power: 500W
Size: 14x5x2.6cm
Ripple length :appro 96mm
Installation hole distance: 12x4.4cm
(installation hole: 8x4mm waist type hole)
Product features: safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life.
(using 3 years of power attenuation <10%)
Application: heater / humidifier / car / air conditioning / subway,ect.
Dissipation power: (due to the difference of the user's usage mode, and the characteristics of the PTC itself, the energy dissipation of the insulation type PTC air heater product is mostly in the 50%~100% range of the rated power.)
Dry burning power: about 30% of the rated power

PTC characteristics and advantages:
1 safety: PTC products with constant temperature and heat, no open flame, high heat conversion rate, Influenced by power supply voltage is small.
2 energy saving: PTC products have the characteristics of automatic energy saving, when the heater to upgrade the ambient temperature, the power will gradually decrease, only 90% of the rated power, 80%, or less.
3 long life: PTC products are not normally used for their own reasons for damage,the standard of measuring its life is the degree of aging. The general standard for the work of 2000 hours after the power attenuation is less than 10%.

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Insulated PTC Air Heating 

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