160Pcs Heat Shrink Assorted Marine Wire Terminal Connector Kit

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160Pcs Heat Shrink Assorted Marine Wire Terminal Connector Kit

This listing features 160 pieces of assorted heat shrink terminal (box-packed) kit.
Ideal for garages,auto electricians,mechanics,workshops etc...Suitable for cars,vans,motor homes,household usage,industry usage,etc...

Wire connector material: PVC+Copper
Storage Case material: Plastic
Voltage: 600V
Case Size: 210x110x30mm(Length x Width x Height)

- An box which contains the most popular various size of terminals .
- Includes 18 popular connector types ranging in different colours,which are red,blue and yellow
- Packed in box,great for use and carry for most people.

Package Included:
Red: 22-16AWG/0.5-1.5mm²

M4 Ring Terminal 8
Quick Splice Connector 4                              
Butt Splice Connector 12

Blue: 16-14AWG/1.5-2.5mm²
M4 Fork Terminal 10                                        
M4 Ring Terminal 10
M5 Ring Terminal 10
M6 Ring Terminal 10
Butt Splice Connector 18
Quick Splice Connector 4
4mm Male Bullet Connector 10
4mm Female Bullet Connector 10
6.35mm Male Spade Terminal 10
6.35mm Female Spade Terminal 10

M5 Ring Terminal 4                                          
M8 Ring Terminal 4
M10 Ring Terminal 4
Butt Splice Connector 12
6.35mm Female Spade Terminal 5
6.35mm Male Spade Terminal 5


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