Staufenbiel DEE-L-GEE 995mm PNP

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Staufenbiel DEE-L-GEE 995mm PNP

DLG stands for Discus Lauch Glider. The DEE-L-GEE by Staufenbiel is the perfect model to entry this class.

It’s made of ultra-light EPO foam for wingspan, rudder & vertical stabilizer, wingspan use full carbon fiber reinforced, make sure the strength of wing. Fuselage parts are all made of high strength plastic, ensure even if the head of fuselage be broken,keep the body intact.

This DEE-L-GEE increased the ejection function, to better adapt to all kinds of people, more fun, excellent flying performance!


    great Thermal Flight Performance
    4 built in Micro Servos
    assembled in less than 30 minutes
    Wing reinforced with Carbon
    made of durable EPO Material
    english and german Manual

Needed to Complete

    4-Channel Radio
    4-Channel Receiver
    2S LiPo Pack with 350mAh
    LiPo Charger
Specifications: Wingspan approx.: 995 mm Fuselage length approx.: 812 mm Weight (ready to fly): 189 - 199 g Type of construction/material wing: EPO Type of construction/material fuselage: EPO Center of gravity: 55 - 60 mm Assembly Time appr.: < 30 Min. Box contents: Accessories built-in/included: built-in Servos: 4x Micro 3.7g Accessories: UBEC: 3A RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Elevator: 1x Micro 3.7g (incl.) Siderudder: 1x Micro 3.7g (incl.) Aileron: 2x Micro 3.7g (incl.) Needed to complete: Radio: min. 4-Channel Receiver: min. 4-Channel Batteries: LiPo 350mAh 2S

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