DC-DC Adjustable Boost Module Constant Voltage Current Step Up Power Supply LCD Display

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DC-DC Adjustable Boost Module Constant Voltage Current Step Up Power Supply LCD Display

Calibration method:

The module with a calibration function, do not worry about the measurement display is not accurate, If you find that the display is not accurate you can use the following method of calibration. Just use the calibration once for the first time!
Voltage calibration: In the case of power off, press and hold the "Setup" button, power on, enter the voltage calibration mode, the LCD screen starts flashing, release the set button, press the "Settings" button to increase, "OK" to decrease, the input voltage of the calibration for the correct. Such as: the input voltage is 12.65V, then the voltage will be adjusted to 12.65V, after 2 seconds will automatic preservation, power off and exit the calibration is complete!
Special note: If the first use of the output voltage can not be adjusted, because the module factory, the default output voltage is 20V or so. When you encounter this problem, please counterclockwise rotation ADJ-V potentiometer more than 10 laps, until the voltage value changes, and then you can use the normal regulation of the voltage.


Input voltage: 10-32V DC
Output voltage: 10-60V DC continuously adjustable (only applies to the input voltage is less than the output voltage of the application, can not step down)
Input current: Maximum 16A, exceed 8A please strengthen the cooling
Output current:  8A, exceed 4A please strengthen the cooling (Associated with input, output differential pressure, the greater the Differential pressure the smaller output current)
Output power: Maximum 90W natural cooling, strengthen cooling up to 150W maximum
Module nature: Non-isolated boost module (BOOST)
Output constant current range: 0.3-8A
Operating temperature: -40 to +85 degrees (Ambient temperature is too high, please strengthen the cooling)
Operating frequency: 150KHz
Conversion efficiency: Up to 95% (Efficiency is in relation to differential pressure of input and output voltage and current)
Short circuit protection: Yes (input 15A fuse)
Input reverse protection: No, please add anti-reverse diode in the input terminal! (package does not includes diodes)
Output indicator: With charging instruction, charging is yellow, full charge is blue
Output anti-backflow: Yes
Wiring: Terminal or soldering terminal, IN for the input, OUT for the output
Module size: 80mm x 53mm x 35mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 135g

Setting description:
Setting display mode, divided into three types:

F-0 mode: Display the output voltage;
F-1 mode: Display the input voltage;
F-2 mode: Alternating display input and output voltage;

Press the "SET" button to cycle show the three display modes. The corresponding LED will be on or off. Press "OK" button to save and exit. Press "OK" key to switch the LCD backlight.

F-0 mode: Display the output voltage:

F-1 mode: Display the input voltage:

F-2 mode: Alternating display input and output voltage:


1) Under no load condition, adjust "ADJ-V" of constant voltage potentiometer to make the output voltage reach the voltage value you want;
2) Adjust the current: Connected to the load, adjust the "constant current potentiometer ADJ-I", so that the output current reaches the constant current value you want (factory default is 2A, if you want to adjust the constant current value is relatively small, counter-clockwise more laps will have change, if you don't need constant current don't need to adjust current; Note: Please do not use the short-circuit way to adjust the current, boost circuit structure of the module can not be adjust like the short-circuit way!)
3) Description: The default charging current is 0.1 times; (battery in the charging process is gradually reducing the current, gradually from constant current charging to constant voltage charging, if the charge current is set to 1A, then when the charge current is less than 0.1A, the charging indicator yellow light is off, full light is lit, then the battery charge is completed;

Package includes:

1 x DC-DC LCD Adjustable Step Up Module with Housing

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