DYMOND 3X Wing Control (3-Axis Flight Stabilizer)

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DYMOND 3X Wing Control (3-Axis Flight Stabilizer)

The Dymond 3X WING CONTROL stabilizer is a small light weight, high performance, 3-axis gyro. This satbilizer allows the option of independent aileron control, so you can have the benefits of a gyro yet retain flaperon, spoileron and or differential functions. Conversely you can still use a single channel to operate both ailerons making this gyro rather versatile. The 3X WING CONTROL has also been enclosed in an robust aluminum housing to add some protection.

The 3X WING CONTROL support 3 Types of planes. Standard plane-form, flying wing and V-tail. With the latest MEMS technology the stabilizer provides excellent stability, flexibility, and reliability. Whether your looking for sharp predictability from a 3D plane or want to have the ability to fly smoothly in wind, this gyro is a rock solid performer.  


    3 modes: Gyro off, normal flight and AVCS
    Great 3D flight performance without compromising stability.
    Easy to set-up using independent gain adjustments for ailerons, elevator and rudder.
    Compact design


    Dimensions:22 x 31 mm
    Weight: 7.5g (with connecting cables)              
    Operating voltage: DC 3.5V-9V
    Operating current: 20mA
    Maximal angular velocity: 800 degrees/sec.
    Servo compatibility: 1.52ms analog servo, 1.52ms digital servo
    Radio compatibility:PPM, PCM, 2.4GHz
    Operating Temperature: -30?~65?

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