200W 220V Foam Sponge Electric Knife Cutting Machine + Slotted Auxiliary Device

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200W 220V Foam Sponge Electric Knife Cutting Machine + Slotted Auxiliary Device


Foam board sponge slotted.
Foam slot, sponge slot, pearl wool slot, EPP slot and so on.
Applicable to all kinds of low melting point products slotting.
Slot width ≤ 15 cm.


Rated input power: 200 (W)
Maximum shear capacity: 100 (mm)
Minimum cutting radius: 30 (mm)
Power Type: AC power
Rated voltage: 220V
Whether the hammering force: No
Arbor round trip times: 0 (times / minute)
Cutting feed rate: 10 (m / min)
Temperature: ≥ 500 ℃

Blade installation method
1. With the tool cool down, unscrew the four screws with a wrench and turn counterclockwise.
2. Insert the two blades of the blade into the bottom of the groove (square head) and hole (round head) of the tool holder. Then tighten the four fixing screws to ensure sufficient contact between the blade and the tool holder.
3. Turn on the power.
4. Adjust the temperature knob.

Cutting instructions
1. First, adjust the temperature adjustment knob to the middle position, the blade on the object being cut, and then press the micro-switch, preheat for a few seconds to cut. (It is recommended that the first cut in the waste test on the cutting and then skilled)
2. Cutting process to maintain a good temperature and speed of coordination. If the smoke is too high, it may be because the cutting speed is too slow or the blade temperature is too high. This may cause the cutting path to be irregular and uneven. This can be done by lowering the blade temperature or by loosening the switch intermittently during cutting to release the switch at a distance of 3-5 cm. The exposed part of the blade should not exceed 2 cm when cutting, and if the exposed part is too long, the blade may bend due to overheating.

Package includes:

1 x Cutting machine package
1 x Slotted Auxiliary

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