1/10 CR-6R Body Shell w/Decals (Green)

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1/10 CR-6R Body Shell w/Decals (Green)
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1/10 CR-6R Body Shell w/Decals (Green) 1/10 CR-6R Body Shell w/Decals (Green) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $8.94
250 g
Bonus: 9

This is a nicely finished 1/10 pre-painted body shell made from durable yet light weight polycarbonate. This body shell arrives fully painted, so you just need to do apply the decals, trim and drill your body mount holes. This saves a lot of time and money when compared to buying a clear shell and painting it yourself.

Length: 500mm
Width: 200mm (measured at middle of chassis)
Wheelbase: 260mm (from hub to hub)

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