Adventure Bot Interactive Robot

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Adventure Bot Interactive Robot

Welcome to the fascinating world of Adventure Bot!

This robot searches for moving objects to play with using its compound eye to track movement. This unique sensor does not only track movement but can also be used to judge distance and communicate with other robots. Four smaller corner sensors allow the robot to avoid collisions.

Adventure Bot uses an ATmega168 processor, is AVR/Arduino compatible and is fully programmable using free software from the internet.

For those first learning to program a robot, the Arduino software available on the internet is a great introduction to the "C" language. Experienced "C" language programmers can use free software from the internet such as "WinAVR" to program this robot. An ISP socket is included allowing an external programmer to be used.

This robot comes fully assembled with sample software pre-installed, just add batteries and it's ready to go!

• Infra-red sensors to detect obstacles
• Transparent blue case lets you see inside
• Factory modified continuous rotation servos with rubber tires
• In-built USB interface for easy programming
• Batteries can be recharged without removing the cover using optional 9V DC power supply

Length: 115mm
Width: 130mm
Height: 110mm
Weight: 360g

Adventure Bot
CD ROM w/user manual and software
USB cable

4 x AA battery

*Note: This is not an original Arduino brand product.

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