BLITZ XFR Race Body Light (190mm) (0.7mm) EFRA 4028

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BLITZ XFR Race Body Light (190mm) (0.7mm) EFRA 4028

BLITZ XFR Race Body Light (190mm) (0.7mm) EFRA 4028

Blitz make bodies that give great performance and handling at a price that won’t blow your budget. Your needs are catered for by different bodies that excel under different racing surfaces such as asphalt (high traction), asphalt (dusty, low traction) or asphalt/carpet. The bodies are also designed for different track types depending if they are a tight plan, open plan or somewhere in-between.

These bodies come unpainted so you can finish them in your own master piece design …. or just plain white.

• For 1/10th 190mm Electric using rubber tires set up
• Meets GBS specs and homologated ERFA 4028
• The design gives good balance of steering and stability
• Works well for both stock and modified racing
• 0.7mm light weight
• Wing has two cut lines

Wheelbase: 190mm
Thickness: 0.7mm

Clear Body
Window masks
Wing and mounting hardware
Decal sheet

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