FUSUNO Masky Fiberglass Goblin Fuselage for Blade 180 CFX (FUC-B180-SF02)

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Fusuno fuselages are an extremely high quality product and are made with the best quality resins and fibreglass materials which results in a strong flexible fuselage. These high quality materials prevent cracks which are seen in many other canopies and fuselages that use inferior products.

The high quality paint finish is achieved using automobile grade paints and clear finishes which look great and provide a durable high gloss finish. The Fusuno fuslages offer a fantastic looking product at a very affordable price.

This fuselage is specifically designed to suit the popular Blade 180 CFX helicopter and is very easy to install.

• Manufactured from high quality materials.
• High quality paint finish
• Uses high quality materials which resist cracking
• Fuselage is in 2 parts which makes replacing the battery very straightforward
• Easy to install

Suits: Blade 180 CFX
Color: White/Red/Black
Weight: 30g

1 x Fiberglass canopy
1 x Fibreglass tail boom
1 x CF vertical fin

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