Multistar Timber T-Style Propeller 12x4.7 White (CW/CCW) (2pcs)

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Multistar Timber T-Style Propeller 12x4.7 White (CW/CCW) (2pcs)

The MultiStar White edition multirotor propeller started as an optimized blade design for the target motor/RPM combinations in Multirotor use. After comparing a host of construction options, a wood core was selected for its super stiff property’s and light weight, combined with the new direct bolt mounting system makes these propellers outperform their plastic counterparts.

The MultiStar White Edition Propellers come packaged in a set of two CW/CCW and matching mounting hardware and thrust washers. The high visibility White color adds safety and style to your multi-rotor setup.

Size: 12 x 4.7
Mounting Style: T-Style or Direct mount

One CCW and one CW propeller
Mounting Hardware and thrust washer

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