Spedix S250Q Carbon Fiber Racing Drone w/ CC3D Motor PDB ESC Propellers (ARF)

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Spedix S250Q Carbon Fiber Racing Drone w/ CC3D Motor PDB ESC Propellers (ARF)

Spedix S250Q Carbon Fiber Racing Drone w/CC3D PDB Motor ESC Propellers (ARF)

Are you feed-up with building and looking for a great value 250 drone that doesn’t need building? Then the Spedix S250Q is the drone for you. It comes with all the great features including already installed Sunnsky motors, Spedix speed controllers, CC3D flight controller and Spedix PDB all on a high quality Spedix frame.

The CC3D Flight controller provides a crisp feel when doing extreme flying. The Spedix ESC’s are flashed with SimonK program for quick response, smooth throttle, low running temperature. They also come with a bright red or green LED’s to make it easy to determine the orientation of the multirotor. The Sunnsky motors give you a great turn of speed.

The high quality pure carbon fiber and high strength ABS resin frame construction improves both the handling and crash resistance. The light weight helps with the get up and go and agile handling.

The Spedix S250Q is supplied complete with a full set of props, prop adapters and all fixtures and fittings.  

• Powerful Sunnysky 2204 2300KV motors
• Pre-tuned CC3D flight control system
• Round 12A SimonK program ESCs
• Power distribution board (with XT60 connector)
• Flashed with SimonK program, quick response, smooth throttle
• Has a bright LED lights to indicate the orientation of a multirotor
• Pure carbon fiber and high strength ABS resin construction

Frame Kit Specs:
Materials: Pure carbon fiber and high strength ABS resin
Wheelbase: 280mm
Dimensions: 260x195x90mm
Frame weight: 143g

Motor Specs:
Item Name: Sunnysky 2204 2300kv brushless motor
Height: 28mm (to top of shaft) 
Width: 27mm 
Weight: 21g 
Battery: 2-3S Lipoly
RPM: 2300KV

Power Distribution Board Specs:
Input: 3-4s Lipoly
Output: 5V@3A and 12V@3A
Dimensions: 50x50x5.5mm
Weight: 22.5g(include aluminum plate)

Flight Controller Specs:
Type: CC3D
Input voltage: 4.8-6.0V
Dimensions: 39x39x12mm
Weight: 14g

ESC Specs:
Item Name: Round 12A ESC
Input voltage: 2-4S LiPoly battery
Continuous current: 12A (Max 18A@10S)
Dimensions: Φ23x5.5mm (excluding capacitor)
Firmware: SimonK

1 x S250Q frame kit
1 x CC3D flight controller
4 x 2204 2300KV brushless motors
2 x Round 12A SimonK program ESC with red LED
2 x Round 12A SimonK program ESC with green LED
1 x Power distribution board (with XT60 connectors)
2 x 5045 cw propeller
2 x 5045 ccw propeller
1 x Standoff Set for controller and power distribution board
1 x Battery strap

1300-2200mah 3S LiPoly battery
5-6 channel TX/RX


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