Spektrum F400 RaceFlight One (Quad Racing Flight Controller)

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Spektrum has combined a state of the art F4 processor with proprietary Raceflight One firmware to bring you the cutting edge in FPV racing performance. Featuring an integrated 5v regulator, pilots will no longer worry about providing regulated power to your flight controller. The Spektrum F400 flight controller makes wiring the receiver simple by only needing one connection for power, signal, and telemetry information. Pair it with a SPM4649T Serial Telemetry receiver and the pilot can feed all available telemetry data to their Spektrum radio transmitter. The processer in the Spektrum F400 is capable of a lighting fast 180MHz update speed; giving the pilot uncompromised speed, precision, and power. Connect the F400 Raceflight Flight Controller with a 32KHz capable ESC for optimal performance.


    Compatible with all Spektrum receivers and other brands. No Built in SBUS Inverter
    Ready for the new SPM4649T Telemetry Quad Racing Receiver for Full Telemetry Output Support
    Standard form factor 36mm x 36mm mounting holes: 30.5mm squared to center hole
    RaceFlight One dedicated support and development
    High Speed 32khz gyro
    Leading Edge F4 Processor
    LED Driver for WS2812b programmable LED
    ESC flashing and configuration built into configurator
    Built in 5V Regulator, 2 - 6S battery input
    Dedicated port for Spektrum Telemetry laptimer
    16mb Flash Memory for Black Box

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