RC Lander 4S 70mm 5-Blade All Alloy EDF 3400KV 1300W Inrunner Motor

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RC Lander 4S 70mm 5-Blade All Alloy EDF 3400KV 1300W Inrunner Motor

RC Lander 4S 70mm 5-Blade All Alloy EDF 3400kv 1300watt Inrunner Motor

RC Lander high-performance EDF's are back with a new remedy, Newly designed alloy housing with a high-speed intake rim. Excellent quality, high performance and at a price that will leave some cash in your pocket.
RC Lander full alloy EDF series have a dynamically balanced CNC alloy rotor, reengineered alloy housing, pre-installed in runner motor making them simple and easy to install. As well as high power, these fans have excellent cooling properties and run silky smoothly, the sound is amazing, there is also no housing distortion, unlike plastic fans. This high quality, powerful fan is a great way to upgrade your 68mm EDF jet to a speeding missile in around an hour!
RC Lander EDF series - just the right prescription for your model!
Item brand:RC Lander 
Item name:4S 70mm 5-Blade 3400kv 1300watt Inrunner Motor
EDF Inner Diameter: 70mm
Outer Diameter: 72mm
Construction: Alloy
Weight: 305g 
Max RPM: 51000
Motor Type: B2970 3400kv inrunner
Max Power: 1400W (10sec)
Continuous Power: 1300W
Max Voltage: 14.8V (4S)
Max Amps: 85A
Max Thrust: 2.3kg
Rotor size:70mm/8blades

High power/High thrust
Factory dynamically balanced 
High-quality construction
8-Bladed CNC Alloy rotor
Superior cooling
Easy to install
Fully serviceable
No housing distortion 

Package included:
1X 3400kv 1300watt Inrunner Motor

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