365mm Robotic Arm w/Control Board and PC link

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365mm Robotic Arm w/Control Board and PC link

This attractive robot arm is the ideal introduction to robotics. Built from strong pressed 3mm aluminum, the arm is robust and stable on its supplied base when screwed to your chosen surface or if stuck with the supplied sticky pads. The six servos provide individual control of the gripper that moves from 0 to 37mm fully open, wrist-rotates through 120 degrees, wrist-bends to 100 degrees, elbow to 100 degrees, shoulder to 100 degrees and waist joint that rotates to 100 degrees. It will not give you full 360 degree movement, but you can pick up from one side and set down on the other. A combination of movements gives this arm great dexterity.

It has six DGServo's, four S06NF MG STD servos and two S05NF MG STD servos for the gripper, these are pre-installed and fitted with Futaba style servo plugs. Fully extended, the arm is 365mm long and the servo wires are 680mm long, measured from the base of the arm. The maximum reach of the arm when in use is 300mm and at full reach it will lift a little over 100g.
Included in the box is the servo driver board and PC link. Through careful programming, you can accurately position each joint and perform smooth, continuous motions between pre-defined positions. This Robot Arm is suitable for individual development and school use (under supervision).

The arm comes pre-assembled, tested and is supplied with base, servo driver board, RS232 connection and PC software.

• Tough and lightweight aluminum construction
• High quality servos used
• Magnetic servo saver in gripper prevents overloading the servo
• 6 axis of movement
• Completely pre-assembled
• Included PC interface and servo control board
• PC software CD-ROM included
• Atmega 108 MCU Interface

Weight (Total): 1230g
Length (Fully Extended): 365mm
Width (Base): 201mm
Height (Base): 55mm
Wire Length: 680mm

Control Board:
Weight: 28.8g
Dimensions: 80mm x 78mm x 14mm
Servo outputs: 32

13kg MG Servo:
Size: 40.4mm x 19.8mm x 36mm
Weight: 48g
Speed: 0.22Sec/60 deg
Torque: 13kg. cm

3.2kg MG Servo:
Size: 28mm x 14mm x 29.8mm
Weight: 18g
Speed: 0.013Sec/60 deg
Torque: 2.3kg. cm

Robotic Arm
Arexx Control Board
Battery Tray
PC software
RS232 Interface Lead
Control Board Mounting Hardware

6 x AA Batteries


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