AC 220V Anti Static IC Suction Pen Air Vacuum Pump Pick Place Vacuum For SMT SMD

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AC 220V Anti Static IC Suction Pen Air Vacuum Pump Pick Place Vacuum For SMT SMD

The vacuum suction pen, can easily get surrounded by pin dual in-line IC.IC from the pull dedicated.
Artificial patch pen is mainly the mouth of the artificial simulation of the patch of the patch pen, air pressure generated by artificial patch document (reverse vacuum) will chip components from material with a direct suction from the components placed in the corresponding PADS, and then through artificial, artificial patch pen sorptivity is less than the adhesion of the solder paste (plastic patch) by adjustment of air pressure suction, components automatically placed corresponding PADS.
Artificial patch pen is more stable than conventional tweezers and efficient.
Artificial patch pen with automatic SMT production lines with the use of shaped components pick and place, to improve the efficiency of the whole production line is of great significance.
Application: For manual surface mount technology
Name: Anti static IC suction pen
Material: plastic shell
Product size: approx.12.5*8.3*5cm
Cable length: approx.78cm
Power supply: AC220V
Package includes: 
1 x Vacuum machine
2 xHose
2 x pen tube
4 x suction spindle
1 x10mm sucker
1 x 8mm sucker
Details pictures: 

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