8Pcs Stainless Steel Anti-magnetic Precision Tweezers Tools Set Repair Parts

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8Pcs Stainless Steel Anti-magnetic Precision Tweezers Tools Set Repair Parts

1.Made of high-quality stainless steel, heat treatment, have sharp tips.
2.Exquisite craft arc edge, comfortable feeling.
3.7 style fits different working.
4.Anti-magnetic, anti-acid and non-corrosive.
Product Name: Tweezers
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: HL-10(2pcs), HL-11, HL-12, HL-13, HL-14, HL-15, HL-16
Scope of application: Electronics factory, electronic maintenance industry, beauty nail
HL-10(Standard): used to solder integrated circuit, as well as the installation or replacement parts.
HL-11(Large): This tweezers are longer than standard length and are suitable for use in precision electronic components.
HL-12(High elastic): This tweezers tip is stronger than standard tweezers, the forceps will not bend when the circuit board is clamped, parts will not fall off.
HL-13(Circle): The circular can avoid element damage, suitable for extracting chip circuit.
HL-14(Extra fine): This tweezers are sharp, and are suitable for operation in components of a high density integrated circuit chip.
HL-15(Curved tip): The tweezers are bent at 450° and are suitable for the extraction of components in narrow spaces.
HL-16(Widen): The tip is the standard type, but the handle widened to adapt to some of the fingers of the larger staff, feel more smooth with them.
Precautions for use:
1.The tweezers are made of metal and have sharp tips. Do not mistreat themior handle them in any way that may cause injury or damage.
2.When working on electrical appliances, always be sure to first unplug the appliance in order to prevent electrical shock.
3.Do not use the tweezers on application which are beyond the tweezers’ working limit. Doing so may break the tips of the tweezers.

Package included:
8 x Tweezers

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