DC 12V A Type 4*50W TDA7850 Car Audio Power Module Amplifier Board

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DC 12V A Type 4*50W TDA7850 Car Audio Power Module Amplifier Board


TDA7850 is a high-quality Hi-Fi car audio amplifier IC, using a single power supply 12V - 14.4V supply, MOSFET amplifier output, 4 x 50W HiFi amplifier, low distortion, low noise, anti-interference ability, with output short circuit and temperature protection in particular aspects of performance particularly prominent power, low power consumption, stable, sound quality is excellent. For car audio upgrade and DIY 4-channel amplifier the best choice.


With ACC function control (sound enhanced version)
The 25v8200UF large pond filter capacitor, more deep bass.
LC filter, ripple smaller, less interference serpentine traces, sound more mellow, high-current traces strengthen tin for the high current state stable solid foundation.
With BA3121 noise isolation. If as a home (when there is no common ground) can jump to the bottom right corner of the cap shorted.


4 inputs and 4 outputs
Power supply: DC 12V
Power: 4*50W
Board size: 65mm x 50mm x 35mm


The board is equipped with radiators, radiator must be installed before you can use. Amplifier board to find a suitable location for the good, but be sure to pay attention to the radiator and fixed PCB board, amplifier board and heat sink in order to avoid shaking.

Package includes:

1 x TDA7850 Amplifier board
1 x Heat sink
2 x Audio cable

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