DC 12V Brushless Motor Electric Mini Submersible Water Pump Ultra Quiet Plastic

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DC 12V Brushless Motor Electric Mini Submersible Water Pump Ultra Quiet Plastic

-The pump shaft by the dynamic seal into a closed static seal, completely avoid the media leakage. Can be amphibious, and completely waterproof.
-Eliminates the need for separate lubrication and cooling water, reducing energy consumption.
-Low power consumption, high efficiency, and has a damping damping effect, reducing the motor vibration of the pump and pump cavitation vibration of the motor impact.
-Overload the rotor will slip in the ceramic shaft, the motor, the pump has a protective effect.
-Brushless DC pump with electronic components for the change, without the use of carbon brush for the use of high-performance wear-resistant precision ceramic shaft and graphite sleeve, sleeve and the magnet through the injection into a whole will avoid the wear and tear, so brushless DC magnetic force Type pump life greatly enhanced.

Working Principle:
-Brushless DC magnetic drive pump magnet and impeller injection into the composition of the motor rotor, the rotor directly between the injection molding sleeve, high-performance ceramic shaft fixed in the shell, the motor stator and circuit board part of the epoxy resin Plastic pouring in the pump body, the stator and the rotor between a thin-walled isolation, without the traditional mechanical shaft seal, which is completely sealed. Motor torque through the silicon steel sheet (stator) on the coil after the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet (rotor) work. The magnets are magnetically coupled to each other by n (n is even) magnetization. When the magnetic poles produced by the stator coils and the magnetic poles of the magnets are opposite to each other, that is, the displacement angle Φ = 0 between the two magnetic poles, the magnetic energy of the magnetic system is the lowest at this time. When the magnetic poles turn to the same pole, the displacement between the two poles Angle Φ = 2π / n, at this time the magnetic system of magnetic energy maximum. Removal of external forces, because the magnetic system of magnetic poles mutually exclusive, the magnetic force will restore the magnet to the lowest state of magnetic energy. So the magnet produces movement, driving the magnetic rotor rotation.
-When the magnet rotor rotates an angle relative to the stator, it automatically changes the direction of the magnetic pole so that the rotor always retains the same level of repulsion. Therefore, the rotor of the brushless DC motor has the same magnetic field as that of the stator. So that the brushless DC magnetic isolation pump has a higher speed and efficiency.
-Magnetic isolation pump stator and rotor completely isolated, completely avoid the traditional motor brushless DC pump there is a liquid leakage problem. And can be completely submersible and fully waterproof, effectively improve the pump life and performance.
Caution: This pump is intended for use with water only!
Materials:engineering plastic
Package includes: 
1 x Submersible pump(not include plug)
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