220V 2500W Experimental Furnace Wire Electric Heating Wire 64CM

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220V 2500W Experimental Furnace Wire Electric Heating Wire 64CM

Material: 0Cr25Al5
Color: Silver
Modle: Heating wire
Type: Electrothermal alloy
The main purpose: electricity heating
Cable length:64cm/25.20in
External diameter:6.7mm/0.26in
Internal diameter:4.7mm/0.19in
The max temperature is 1000℃
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 250W

- Electrothermal alloy: according to their chemical content and organizational structure of the different, can be divided into two categories:
  One is iron-chromium alloy series,
- Another category of nickel-chromium alloy series, as their electric material, respectively, have their own more advantages, and be widely used.
- The main purpose:
  Metallurgical machinery, medical, chemical, ceramics, electronics, electrical appliances, glass and other industrial heating equipment and civilian heating appliances.

Advantages and disadvantages:
1, Fe-Cr-Al alloy series The main advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages: Fe-Cr-Al electric alloy its high temperature, the maximum temperature up to 1400 degrees, (0Cr21A16Nb, 0Cr27A17Mo2), long life, high surface load, good oxidation resistance , High resistivity, cheap and so on.
Disadvantages: mainly high-temperature strength is low, with the use of plastic temperature increases, the components easy to deformation, not easy to bend and repair.

2, the main advantages and disadvantages of nickel-chromium alloy series:
Advantages: high-temperature strength than iron-chromium aluminum high temperature is not easy to use under the deformation, the structure is not easy to change, plastic good, easy repair, high emissivity, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance Strong, long life and so on.
Disadvantages: the use of more scarce nickel metal materials, so the price of the series of products up to several times higher than the iron-chromium aluminum, the use of temperature lower than the iron-chrome aluminum.

Excellent and Bad:
First of all, we need to know the electric wire to reach the red hot state and the organization of the electric wire. We first take down the hair dryer, interception of a heating wire. With 8V 1A transformer, electric wire or electric blanket electric wire resistance value can not be less than 8 ohms, otherwise the transformer is easy to burn.
With 12V 0.5A transformer, electric wire resistance can not be less than 12 ohms, or the transformer is also easy to burn out.
If the electric wire to red hot state, the more red the better, you should use the 8V 1A transformer, its power than the 12V 0.5A transformer.
So that we can better test out the excellent and bad electric wire.

Package Included:
1 x Heating wire

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