Evolution Radial 4 Stroke Glow Engine 9 Cyl 99cc

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A stunning engine with solid performance and reliability - the 9 Cylinder 99cc 4-stroke glow radial engine is designed for larger models, specifically scale applications where the use of a radial engine in a round cowl will provide the ultimate scale look for the modeler's plane. While providing great looks and sound, it also delivers the dependability and performance of Evolution.

Key Features
Cylinder head and crank cases produced from aircraft grade alloys
Heavy duty double bearing crankshaft
Billet aluminum pistons and hardened steel rings
Hard chromed and lapped cylinder bores
Hardened steel cams
Carburetor jet valve incorporating of latest design with a split opening for smooth acceleration
Zero percent or low nitro (5-10%) fuel with low oil content (5-7% oil/fuel ratio)

Fuel Type: Glow
Cylinders: Radial
Displacement: 6.00 cu. in. (99 cc)
Type: 4-stroke
Bore: 0.93 in (23.7mm)
Stroke: 0.98 in (25.0mm)
Total Weight: 7.7 lb (3.5 kg)
Crankshaft Threads: 10 x 1 mm
Prop Range: 2 blade 26 x 10, 24 x 12
RPM Range: 1300 - 6500
Fuel: 0 - 10% nitro, 9% oil for break-in and normal running
Mounting Dimensions: Diameter 10.2 in., (26 cm), length 7.9 in., (20 cm)
Muffler Type: Straight Pipe - collector ring available for seperate purchase
HP: 6.0 hp (approximate)
Cylinder Type: Ringed
Engine Type: 4-Stroke
Engine Diameter: 10.2 in (26 cm)

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