LCD Display Pixel Repair Ribbon Cable & T-Iron Soldering Welding Tool For BMW

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LCD Display Pixel Repair Ribbon Cable & T-Iron Soldering Welding Tool For BMW

1. Common LCD display failure, the screen appears missing or faded pixels.
2. The pixel problem lies with the ribbon cable that connects the LCD display to the circuit board of the SID and the AC unit.
3. Dead and fading LCD pixels can be restored DIY simply replacing the faulty ribbon cable.
4. LCD pixel failure repair kits, ribbon cable light bulb, background light lamps are now available for DIY repairs.
Voltage: 220V
Power: 40W
Soldering Iron Length: Approx. 24cm
Power Cord Length: Approx. 96cm
Note: This item comes with US Plug
Instructions for use:
1. Check whether the actual voltage.
2. Solder iron should keep dry, forbidden in damp or used after the rain.
3. New iron first use, because of the electric heating element power on heat and possible slight smoke, is normal phenomenon, soon will disappear.
4. Alloy nozzle it is strictly prohibited to fix file, such as the discovery of the tin can be used.when activated flux, the tin can use.
5. Banned in energized the replacement parts.
How to solder:
1. Clean the parts to be joined.
2. Clean soldering iron cover and "tin" all faces of tip with a coating of solder.
3. Heat parts (not solder) to be joined.
4. Apply flux-core solder to heated parts, not the soldering cover, and heat it till solder melts and flows freely.
1. A smoke will be normally come out for a short while at initial use.
2. Use with soldering stand to avoid any part of body get burnt.
3. Don't pull the cover away when soldering iron still hot otherwise heating element may be burnt out.
4. Cool down naturally after use.

Package includes: 
1 x Ribbon Cable
1 x 220V Electric Soldering Iron With T Head
1 x Soldering Teflon Rubber Strip
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