60W 110V Multifunction Pyrography Machine Heating Wire Pen Copper Tip Wood Craft

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60W 110V Multifunction Pyrography Machine Heating Wire Pen Copper Tip Wood Craft

● High temperature, bakelite socket, plug insulation, so plugs, sockets longer life, more reliable plug, more secure.
● Screw locking device to make the connection more secure and more secure
Application: Hulu, wood, leather, wheat straw, bark, leaves, bamboo, furniture, eggs, straw, and other materials are applicable
How to use? 
1.Turn on the switch. Turn the switch on when you use it. Turn it off when not in use
2. Thermostat, is to adjust the temperature of the pen, the normal adjustment of the temperature in the light gray area, the red zone is high temperature, please try not to transfer to high temperature,
This can easily shorten the service life, and may cause the burnout of other components
3. electric wire tip of the adjustment, through the thermostat, slowly adjust the voltage, electric wire tip is gray orange red can
4. Within the heat baked pen thermostat, do not make the writing temperature of more than 600 degrees, it is easy to burn the written head, the heat a little red tip
Material: Pastic shell+ insulation plug + copper alloy
Power: 60W
Voltage: AC 110V
Size: 147x113x100mm
Electric wire head temperature: 0-800 ℃
Multifunctional heating copper alloy tip temperature: 0-500 ℃

Warning: The temperature can not be too high, please pay attention to use
Package includes: 
1 x Poker machine
1 x Sponge
1 x Wood support
1 x Screw driver
2 x Brand pen
10 x Poker writing
10 x Copper heating tip
(CD is not included)
Details pictures: 

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