110W Professional Trigger Electric Hot Melt Glue Gun For Hobby Craft Art

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110W Professional Trigger Electric Hot Melt Glue Gun For Hobby Craft Art

* Fast elevation of temperature,can be normal use after 5 minutes energizing.
* Attemperation, constant temperature design, suitable for EVA resin synthethesis glue sticks,polyurethane synthetic glue sticks and various low melting point glue sticks. Adjust the temperature in need, can control the viscosity of the melt rubber.
* With the energy-efficient constant temperature working mode, the melt glue gun will make a save of 50% power consumption.
* Using integrated temperature control heating elements, can make the gun have a long life and more durabilly.
* Safety, double insulation, electrical strength of up to 1800V, dielectric resistance is bigger than 100MΩ.
Main use:
1. Insert the melt glue from the glue gun tail, sent to the gun tube, put on the power supply to preheating from 5 to 8 minutes, button up to move the trigger and can extrude the melt glue, and can control the melt glue quantity.
2. While it's working, if the melt glue is inexhaustibility in one time, then the melt glue need not take out.
3. Put on the power supply to preheating 5 to 8 minutes when it using next time.
Material: Plastic shell
Color: White
Power: 110W
Voltage: 100-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Application: For diameter of 10.8-11.5mm glue sticks
Scope: electronic products, circuit boards, arts and crafts bonded.

Package includes: 
1 x Hot melt glue gun
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