DC 12V Solar Power Hot Circulation Water Pump Brushless Motor 1/2 inch

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DC 12V Solar Power Hot Circulation Water Pump Brushless Motor 1/2 inch

Features :

DC12V Brushless Water Pump.
Use voltage is best not to overpressure.
The inlet and outlet diameter are 1/2" thread.
Continuous use of working life of 20,000 hours or more.
No self-priming pump function.

Specification :
Material: Pump head is PPS plastic, pump shell is ABS plastic
Rated voltage: DC12V
Size: 101 x 40mm
Inlet & outlet diameter: 1/2" thread
Cable length: about 95cm
No load rated current: 0.5A or less
No-load water discharge capacity: 650L / H
Max Water Head: 3 meters(9.8ft)
Load rated current: 0.75A
Suction: not self-priming pump, no suction
Noise: 40dB MAX (background noise 30dB, 0.5M or less)
Use of fluids: Tap water, ground water
Water temperature: -40℃ to 100℃
Ambient humidity: 45% to 90%
Net Weight: 250g

Can be used for computer water cooling system, solar fountain, desktop fountain, coffee machine, water dispenser, tea machine, soilless culture, shower, plumbing mattress, hot water circulation, swimming pool water circulation filtration, surfing jacuzzi, car cooling circulatory system, Humidifiers, air conditioners, washing machines, medical equipment, cooling systems and so on.

Note: Pump itself does not have a DC power supply (transformer), can not be directly inserted 220V high voltage!!

Package includeds :

1 x DC 12V Water Pump
Details pictures :

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