TrackStar EVO-T2 Full Size HV BLDC (Ultra High Speed) Servo 18.2kg / 0.10sec / 68g

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TrackStar EVO-T2 Full Size HV BLDC (Ultra High Speed) Servo 18.2kg / 0.10sec / 68g

The TrackStar EVO Series Servos are top of the range, high quality, precision servos built in Taiwan. The EVO Series come in a full CNC Red anodized aluminum case, complete with a Japanese made brushless motors and alloy gears. They are very robust and are built to exacting standards that will survive the roughest use.


The 32bit MCUs and FOC control logic provide the performance and precision you would expect from a Trackstar servo. They come ready for all voltages from 4.8V up to 8.4V making it the ideal High Voltage (HV) servo.


The EVO-T2 is a Ultra High Speed, High Voltage, Brushless DC (BLDC) that is built for 1/10 scale trucks, short course trucks and monster trucks and 1/10 scale crawlers. The EVO-T2 comes with a complete set of servo arms to meet all your requirements.


• Full CNC Red anodized aluminum case
• Full profile, Ultra High Speed (0.08sec/60deg)
• Excellent torque (24.8kg@7.4V)
• Japanese brushless motor
• Alloy geared
• Perfect for 1/10 RC vehicles and other high demand uses


Weight: 68g/1.87oz
Dimension:  40 x 21.0 x 38.5mm
Torque At 6.0V: 18.2kg/cm
Speed At 6.0V: 0.10sec / 60 deg at no load
Torque At 7.4V: 24.8kg/cm
Speed At 7.4V: 0.08sec / 60 deg at no load
Motor Type: Japan Brushless motor
Potentiometer: FSE11-4 Slider/indirect drive
Amplifier Type: 6A Treble Power MOS-FET
Wire Info (Black): - Negative
Wire Info (Red) : + Positive
Wire Info (White): S Signal
Gear Types: Alloy Gears 
Travel Degree: 120 degree / 0.9us ~ 2.1us
Operation Voltage: 4.8V ~ 8.4V (Support 2S Li-Poly)
Spline Count : 25 Teeth

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