5A 80W Charging Board For MPPT Solar Panel Lithium Lead-acid Battery

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5A 80W Charging Board For MPPT Solar Panel Lithium Lead-acid Battery


Model: 486916
Size(approx): 24 x 49mm
Weigh: 11g
Fit for lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium battery, lead-acid battery.


1. New solar MPPT charging module, strong second CN3722
2. Input the ideal diode anti reflux (3722 series Schottky anti reflux)
3. Dual Nmos synchronous rectifier Buck (3722 single Pmos Schottky rectifier Buck)
4. 600Khz higher frequency (3722 only 300K, loss of large)
5. Solar energy input of the anti-reverse (reverse shall be burnt 3722)
6. 4 terminals, 2 solar positive and negative, 2 battery positive and negative, on-board double color LED charging indicator.

Circuit characteristics:

1. Output current is greater than the solar panel current, real ultra-efficient MPPT, support 5V-22V, 80W solar panel within.(if for more current charging, each solar panel with a this module)
2. Output voltage can be adjusted,CC-CW automatic control (supports single or multiple lithium batteries or lithium iron phosphate or lead-acid batteries, high-power LED, etc.)
Input ideal diode anti-reflux, low loss
3. Synchronous rectification step-down circuit, high efficiency low heat.
4. Complete battery charge management, full stop charging, not always trickle, effectively avoid the electrolyte dries up
5. Positive and negative 0.5% high precision cut off voltage
6. Maximum support solar power: 80W
7. PWM switching frequency: 600KHz, high-frequency low resistance and high efficiency
8. The constant current charge current is set by the external resistor (preset 5000mA)
9. Trickle charging for deeply depleted battery
10. Charge status and charge end state double indicator ( charging red light/ full light on / off no battery or no input)
11. Soft Start Function
12. Battery terminal overvoltage protection
13. When not using solar energy also serving as a notebook 9-22V adapter, Multi use of one.
14. 7 big volume Murata filter capacitor MLCC, SUMIDA copper inductor,more stable work and high current output

Finished parameters:

1. Input voltage: 5-22V. (absolute maximum 26V, 20V is recommended to use, the input voltage must be greater than the output voltage)
2. ± 0.5% precision potentiometer adjustment, can only buck, the output must be lower than the input.
3. Output Current: Default 5A
4. Pre-charge current: Default 0.5A, 0.1 times the output current
5. Termination current: Default 0.5A, 0.1 times the output current
6. Charging Efficiency: 96% @ 16V input 12V5A output
7. Drain when not charging: about 200uA

The use of solar panels adjustment method:

1. Connected the solar panel to the module Input terminal.
2. Multimeter voltage profile measuring module output voltage, first clockwise adjustment MPPT potentiometer until no output voltage, then counter-clockwise adjustment MPPT potentiometer until just have output then counterclockwise turn half circle.
3. Fine tuning CV potentiometer, the output voltage is fluctuating at this time (Because it's not connected to the battery).The highest value of the fluctuation is the final stop charging voltage, such as the 8.0-8.4V wave, then the 8.4V is the final stop charge voltage. To reduce fluctuations can be in the output with a large capacity electrolytic capacitor.
4. Output access to basic empty battery, the charging current string measured charging ammeter ,(be sure to ensure the direct sunlight when the adjustment), the first charge please closely observe the output voltage whether is correct to prevent overcharging!

Various battery reference voltage:

3.7V lithium battery --4.2V 2 string 8.4V 3 string 12.6V 4 string 16.8V
3.2V iron phosphate lithium battery --3.6V 2 string 7.2V 3 string 10.8V 4 string 14.4V
6V lead acid battery --6.8V
12V lead acid battery --13.6V
Do not recommend charging NIMH or NiCd batteries

Package includes:

1 x Solar Panel MPPT Charging board


For the first time, closely monitor the battery voltage to prevent over charging! Do not charge the lithium battery without protection plate!
Indicator status: Off = no input or the battery is not connected, red = charging, blue = full, red flashing = failure (such as high temperature, battery over-voltage)

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