M12 3Pcs Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Fit For 12V Milwaukee Power Tools

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M12 3Pcs Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Fit For 12V Milwaukee Power Tools

Product Description:
- Product contains Lithium-Ion batteries and charger. Lithium-Ion batteries deliver longer life and run-time with fade-free power.
- Ergonomic, compact, and lightweight design for operator comfort.
- Charges Compact 12V Lithium-Ion Batteries which is easy to load battery design, and slim profile conserves bench top space.

Name: Lithium Ion Batteries & Charger
Material: Plastic Shell
Batteries: 50*47*85.8mm
Charger: 168 *122.5 *68 mm

1. Battery:
Scope of application: Power tool for 12V Milwaukee
Compatible model: Milwaukee 48-11-2401 M12
Nominal voltage: 10.8V
Typical capacity: 1500mAh (1C discharge)
Weight: 175g

2. Charger:
Output voltage: 12V
Input voltage: 120V
Input current:1500mah
Color: Red
Weight: 454g
Charging ambient temperature :-10℃~40℃
Application: lithium battery

3. Charge and discharge performance:
Standard charge: CC/CV, 1C, 12.9V
Standard discharge: CC,1C, 8.25V
Charge cutoff voltage: 12.6V±0.25V
Charging cut-off current: 0.01C (At CV mode)
Discharge cut-off voltage: 8.25 V
Charging time: 1.2 hours (standard charge)
Maximum discharge current: 15A (10C)
Maximum instantaneous discharge current: 30A (20C)

4. Conventional performance:
1C capacity: ≥56min
Cycle life: ≥300 times
Charge holding capacity: ≥240min

- Use only batteries with the voltage listed on the nameplate of your power tool.
- Using other batteries can lead to injuries and pose a fire hazard.
- Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Package included:
1 x Charger with instruction
2 x Lithium Ion Batteries with instruction

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