Circular Wireless 1.2Ghz RHCP Patch Antenna (SMA) CPATCH12

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Circular Wireless 1.2Ghz RHCP Patch Antenna (SMA) CPATCH12

We proudly carry the Circular Wireless, hand tuned and impedance matched antennas.

Patch antennas are designed for maximum range, having a tighter focus than an Omni antenna, also have a broader “tune” range and have great gain across the entire 1.2GHz band. At 8.6dB, it doesn’t give the ultimate range of the HELIAXIAL12, but its compact size and its 90° wide beam make it ideal for compact, lightweight ground stations, and it still provides crystal clear video up to 30 Km (when coupled with a >500mW VTx with a SPW12). It is designed to be directly attached to a tripod, with the video receiver velcroed in the back. The back plate has got a drilled hole with a 1/4 Withworth thread for direct attachment to a tripod

Patch antennas have a narrower focus for further range, so it's recommended to be used in a diversity system and or antenna tracker setup for the ultimate in video lock and range.

Style: Patch Antenna
dBi: 8.6dBi
Frequency: 1200-1330MHz
Polarization: Right hand circular polarization
Connector: SMA female connector straight
Weight: 120 grams
Size: 130x158x28 mm

SMA male-male angled pigtail.

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