Air Compressor Regulator with Pressure Gauge AFR2000

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Air Compressor Regulator with Pressure Gauge AFR2000

Features :

Allows the precise delivery of clean, dry air.
Small micron brass element filters water and other contaminants into removable catch-bowl.
Minimizes air pulsations and pressure imbalances from piston-style compressors.
Adjustable pressure control knob locks desired setting in place.
Internal diaphragm regulates airflow.
Spring-loaded catch bowl for easy drainage.
Rated up to 135 PSI; gauge displays up to 100 PSI.
Regulator body features a 1/4” female inlet and outlet.
Lightweight and compact structure, easy to operate.
Male-to-male reducers provided for easy connection to airbrush hoses and compressors.

Specification :

Material: AFR2000 Copper core
Color: Black
Type: Airbrush Accessories

Compressor Regulator:
Height: 15.5cm/6.10inch
Up plastic cover diameter: 2.8cm/1.10inch
Down Screw diameter: 0.5cm/0.20inch
Pressure gauge diameter: 4cm/1.57inch

Package includeds :

1 x Mounting bracket
1 x Compressor Regulator
1 x Pressure gauge

Details pictures :

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