DC 12V High Power 30A Delay Time Counter Relay Control Switch ON/OFF Module

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DC 12V High Power 30A Delay Time Counter Relay Control Switch ON/OFF Module


Operating voltage: 12VDC
Highest current: 30A
Size: 80x3sx20mm
Suitable For: The tachograph GPS start protection, household appliances, electronic equipment protection, sound protection, industrial control, PLC control, electronic experiments


-Imported high quality delay chip design
-Delay time range selection, the shortest 1 seconds, up to one hour, to meet most of the demand
-Against power reversal protection diode, the effective protection of the product
-Can be accessed by high current loads.30A
-Time delay adjustment potentiometer clockwise adjustment will be more long


1. Set the delay length to be shorted by the soldering iron according to the time value in the table.
2. All the time short contact all disconnected, the trigger for the bistable, that trigger a pull, and then trigger off.
    The control signal is a trigger type, and the signal is canceled or held after the trigger without affecting the delay.
3. Trigger again during the delay and restart the timer
4. If the keys are shorted, each time the panel is powered on, a trigger delay action is generated, which is equivalent to pressing the trigger key once.

Package included:

1 x 12V power-on delay relay module

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