CUAV WP_LINK 2.4G WiFi Converter For Pixhack Pixhawk Flight Controller Ground Programing

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CUAV WP_LINK 2.4G WiFi Converter For Pixhack Pixhawk Flight Controller Ground Programing
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CUAV WP_LINK 2.4G WiFi Converter Digital Transmission For Pixhack Pixhawk Flight Controller 

Description : 
Wireless Standard : IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
Wireless Transmission Rate : 11g: up to 54Mbps / 11b: up to 11Mbps
Channels: 1-14(default 11)
Frequency :  2.4-2.4835G
Transmission Power : 18DBM
Antenna :  built in antenna
Wireless Safety : WPA/WPA2  
Transmission Rate : 57600bps
Connections: UDP 14550
UDP Connect : Max. 5
Connector On Board :  JST-MX 1.25mm
Cable Connector for Pixhawk : DF13
Cable Connector for Pixhack : JST-GH 1.25mm
Working Temp.: -20~70℃
Wetness : 10%-90%RH
Stock Temp. : -40- 80℃
Stock Wetness : 5%-90%RH
Features : 
WP_LINK is a WiFi converter module, can use the UDP communication to connect the FC for setting or programing via the WiFi of PC or Smart Phone. Use the built-in antenna can reach 50m, with external antenna can be 300m.
Can set the WiFi name and code via CUAV Hflight ground station.
Compatible with PC ground station : Mission Planner, QGC
Compatible with Mible ground station : tower, CUAV Hflight, QGC
(recommand CUAV GS APP :
Note : It can only be used for ground programing, can't be used for data transmission on flight.
Information :
CUAV Ground Station APP :
PW-Link Password : cuavwlink 
Package Included : 
1 x Module
1 x Cable 

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