DC 7-30V Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board Wireless Stereo Sound Module

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DC 7-30V Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board Wireless Stereo Sound Module

1. Stereo receiver
2. Support Bluetooth V3.0
3. Effective transmission distance: about 10 meters
4. PCB board size: 50x60MM
5. Anti-reverse design
6. Can not be directly connected to speakers.
7. Bluetooth receiver board that not all computers can be paired with

Wiring and instructions steps:

1. Wide voltage conversion module Bluetooth 7v-30v with anti-reverse design allows DIY friends without pressure.
2. Automatic power work, with good and direct connection can be automatically connected.
3. Open the phone or other Bluetooth devices such as laptops, tablet computers, mobile phone .As an example:
open its Bluetooth function, the phone will automatically search, automatic pairing with its modules,
most mobile phones do not need to enter the key, the individual parts of the phone such as 0000 need to enter key
will display the module name M-DIY is connected on the phone after the connection is successful.
4. Connect audio output jacks of module to audio input interface of equipment, or access to the audio output of amplifier board.
Then enjoy your own DIY wireless amplifier! Input interface can be connected to another source, when the Bluetooth stops working,
it will automatically switch to another source.
5. After the pairing is successful, the function keys on the module, next song, previous song and volume addition and subtraction,
pause can be used!

Package included:

1 x DC 7-30V Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board

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