Naling Power Socket Single Way Network Computer Socket/Outlet

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Naling Power Socket Single Way Network Type 86 Wall Computer Socket/Outlet
Material: PC
Dimension:   86mm*86mm
Operating Voltage: AC 110V~250V/ 50Hz~60Hz
Electrical Current: 10A
Total Rated Load: 2500W
Operating Environment:  -30~70 Centigrade; Less than 95% RH
Lifelong: 100,000 Times of Operation

Made of  Polycarbonate material, smooth appearance, high gloss and easy to clean, resistance to impact and high temperature.
It will quickly extinguish after leaving the fire, the good performance of insulation and flame retardance ensure safety and reliability.
The large 4mm stationary contact has a lower contact resistance and more efficient conductive performance.

Package included:
1x Computer Socket

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